• Flexible Numbering
  • Ulimited Conference
  • Panic Alarm on Single Pair Intercom Cabl (no extra pair of wire required)
  • Cable Cut Alarm (on single pair cable)
  • Chairman’s Broadcast
  • Vendor Arrival Announcement to all Extensions simultaneously (voice-field programmable)
  • Remote Display Unit for intercom Statue
  • Panic & Cable Cut indications
  • Relay Port for Hooter/Electric Gadget
  • Four independent security groups
  • Tone Dialing
  • Extension to Extension Call
  • Single Digit Access to Security /Reception/Operator
  • Extension Do Not Disturb
  • Extension to Extension Call Barring
  • Hot Line Security / Reception
  • Call Forwarding
  • Wake-up Alarm
  • Emergency Reporting
  • Discriminate Ringing
  • Barge – in
  • Auto Call Back
  • Call Pick Up
  • Automatic Double Check with the Flat
  • Battery Back-up*


Advanced Hotline : Enable you to get connected to any programmable extension Just lift the handset and wait to get connected to say “SECURITY”without having to dial.

Auto Call Back: If the extension you are trying is busy, you do not have to keep trying it again and again. The busy extension will ring back as soon as it becomes free.

Call Forwarding: If you are visiting some other flat, all your calls can be diverted to the visiting extension thereby ensuring that you do not miss out on important calls.

Super Conferencing: Involving unlimited number of extension facilities teleconferencing of committee members etc.

Call Pick Up: An unattended ringing extension can be answered form your non-ringing phone.

Flexible Numbering: Extension numbers can be given as flat numbers etc. No need to memorize the extension numbers.

Programmable Feature: Features can be selectively allowed or disallowed to any extension.


Chairman’s Broadcast : Message like a meeting schedule or maintenance charges reminder, greeting etc. can be conveyed to selected or all extension. Wherever the selected extension lifts the handset the message would be played.

Vendor Announcement : Arrival of vendor etc. like Milkman, Electrician, and Plumber etc. can be conveyed to all extension simultaneously with a suitable programmable voice message. Upto nine different messages are field programmable.

Daily Alarms : Extension can be set to ring at a specified time every day. Can be used to set up wake-up calls or calls to remind you to pick up your child from school.

Reminder Alarm : Extension can be set to ring at a specified time, so that you do not miss your Train or an important appointment.

PAGING: Any Port can convert as paging port to make important announcement via public address amplifier system..

Relay Port: Enable to switch ON & OFF the building Passage Light or water pump etc.


Four Independent Security Group: (Up to four different security groups can be assigned). Say four different towers can have four independent security. Calls from respective tower would land on the specified security extension only.

PANIC ALARM: The feature can be activated by a panic button or panic code. Any number of panic button can be installed in any flay-say in the kitchen, one near the entry door, one in the bedroom etc. Whenever switch is pressed the emergency alarm/ Hooter will turn on at the security and the number flashed on the display unity, simultaneously programmed extension would also get panic call.

Emergency Reporting: In case of an emergency situation programmed panic extension can be simultaneously assessed by a single code.

Watch Man Watch Dog : Crystal Guard effectively keeps a watch on the watch man. The security extension rings at programmed internal of time. In case the watch man does not acknowledge the call the system records the date and time for complete 31 days of the month. This record can be viewed on the DISPLAY.


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